Mock Draft: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Let's go through a brief Buccaneer draft history. The year was 1995, and the Bucs were
coming off another 10 loss season. They had a few of those back in the 80's and early
to mid 90's. If you may recall, there was a star player that had a slight first round fall
in that draft (maybe it was not so slight considering many believed he was one of
the top three players in the draft).

His name: Warren Sapp. Reason for the fall: A drug no one should confuse with performance enhancement. That is when the stars aligned and he fell to Tampa Bay at #12. They followed that with another first rounder by the name of Derrick Brooks. Both have a much better chance at a recent HOF induction than the jacket wearing buffoon in Cincinnati. This draft very well could have been the most important part of a complete franchise turn around that culminated in a 2002 Super Bowl Championship.

So you may be wondering what does this have to do with the 2008 draft. Well, simple. Recently, two potential first-round prospects got in a little trouble for the same non-performance enhancing drug (unless you are a competitive eater) that Mr. Sapp did 13 short years ago. They are CB Aqib Talib and WR Mario Manningham. What do you know, they play the two positions the Buccaneers are targeting with this draft. So not only will they meet one of their draft needs, they may be able to mark the beginning of another Super Bowl run the same way it happened 13 years ago with the 2008 NFL draft version of Snoop Dogg.

Now, the Bucs could meet their bigger need with Manningham, but it seems like a reach at this point in the draft. So, the pick is CB Aqib Talib, Kansas. Besides, his name is slightly cooler than Mario Manningham. You can see and some houston seo companies.

The Redskins are now on the clock with the 21st pick in the draft.


Mock Draft: Buffalo Bills - The DC Sports Page

To continue our own mock draft, rotating the picks among the bloggers the Buffalo Bills are on the clock now with the 11th Pick in the draft.

I've never been to Buffalo, and I am perfectly fine with that. Much like Q observed for Cincinnati, there really is not much reason to go there. I mean, they only just got a Dave and Buster's. And the women... At least we can appreciate the city as the point of origin of Buffalo wings.

You've really got to hand it to the guy who first thought it might be tasty to take boney chicken scraps, deep-fry them, slather them in a butter-based hot sauce, and then dip them in a dressing made from moldy cheese. At least the little celery sticks on the side give them the illusion of being slightly healthy. But you gotta love 'em. And of course, without Buffalo's contribution to world cuisine there would be no Wing Bowl. Thanks Buffalo! Now on to the pick.

Pick #11: Devin Thomas, WR Michigan State
This is an easy one, really. To challenge the Patriots in the AFC East, the Bills need to become more explosive on offense, so that's the side of the ball they will address. Prior to last season, they revamped their offensive line and drafted stud running back Marshawn Lynch. In the passing game they've handed the QB reins to Trent Edwards, who showed flashes of solid play last year and should continue to develop in his first full season as the starter. But Lee Evans remains their only serious receiving threat, and defenses have been ganging up on him to take away the deep passing game.

Drafting a top-ranked receiver who will be able to come in and start, and take some of the pressure off Evans should allow this offense to thrive. Fortunately, Buffalo's draft position allows them to take the top wide receiver on the board, Michigan State's Devin Thomas. This is a smart move that will help them build from their 7-9 finish last year and contend for a playoff spot in 2008.

With that the Denver Broncos are now on the clock! Look more about wicked tickets durham nc .

Mock Draft: New York Giants

To conclude our mock draft the New York Giants are now on the clock with the 31st pick.

After winning a championship and pulling off one of the biggest upsets in Superbowl history, the New York Giants are looking to restock their team with the talent that will allow them to make another run at the title. It is really almost impossible to accurately predict what teams will do in the latter part of the first round of the draft, but there are several needy positions on this team. The phenomenal play from the Giants defensive line last season masked an otherwise average secondary, further weakened with the loss of starting safety Gibril Wilson in free agency. Michael Strahan may end up retiring, so drafting a DL here would make some sense as well. On the other hand, they may want to address the linebacking corps, which saw starter Kawika Mitchell and backup Reggie Torbor leave to sign with other teams. Finally, there are rumors that starting TE Jeremy Shockey may be traded. No TE's have been taken yet in our mock draft so the Giants could have their pick of the bunch.

The way our mock draft has gone I see the Giants pick boiling down to three realistic choices: Miami safety Kenny Phillips, Tennessee linebacker Jerod Mayo, and Purdue TE Dustin Keller. Their backup TE Kevin Boss did fill in nicely for the oft-injured Shockey last year so TE is less of a priority than the other positions. I think the Giants will go defense here, but DL doesn't look to hold great value for them in this slot.

Pick #31: Kenny Phillips, S Miami

As the top-rated safety in this year's draft, the Giants will be ecstatic if he falls to them at the 31st pick. The Eagles are rumored to be pretty high on him too, so if he makes it by them and he's still there at the end of the first round the Giants will pounce on him. Phillips has been compared to fellow Miami alum Ed Reed in terms of his big play ability--he returned four interceptions for touchdowns last year, and added three more on punt returns. Phillips fills a big need at the strong safety spot, and can also pay big dividends in the return game. Check and discount tickets to cinderella .


Mock Draft: Tennessee Titans - The DC Sports Page

To continue our own mock draft, the Titans are on the clock with the 24th Pick in the draft.

Remember the Titans? "Everywhere we go...people wanna know...people wanna know...who we are...who we we tell them we tell them...We Are The Titans! We Are The Titans! The Mighty Mighty Titans!" This was a great movie. Denzel Washington gave another fantastic performance. I'd almost buy the move if it wasn't on TNT, Premium Channels, ABC, and even scrolling through all channels one night I found it on the Disney Channel. He gave an equally great performance in The Hurricane. Look at seo packages sydney.

It's now time for the Titans to make their pick and is there a more underrated and underappreciated coach in the NFL than Jeff Fisher? He'd improve the lowly Falcons if he was the head coach there and could even muster some wins with Stu, Q, BMT, The Sports Freak, and Bob on his roster.

Not too much praise was heaped upon the ole ball coach during stint in DC. After all, he did go five and eleven and although his offense scored big points in Osaka (pre-season game) it never transferred into wins in the standings like it did in college. He did simplify things and said football is about pitchin' and catchin'. Too bad for the Vince Young show that he doesn't really have anyone to pitch or throw to in the offense. This will change with the drafting of Felix Jones.

Pick #24: Felix Jones, RB Arkansas
Some have Jones going to Dallas or slipping into the second round, but it's too much talent to pass for the Titans who need immediate help at the skill positions. WR is also a big need but with the position being more risky this year than usual, running backs seem a lot less risky in this year's draft. Infusing some speed to compliment White's running style should take some of the pressure off of Young with a good ground game.

The Seahawks are now on the clock with the 25th Pick in the draft.

The DC Sports Page: illegal contact

As the NFL Draft approaches on April 26th in scouts may want to take a greater look in the DC Metro area. I happened to be taking the metro to work this week and found myself sitting on the outer seat in one of the older model cars. The woman in the single seat across from me moved her legs aside as did I in order to allow a woman into the inner seat. She then proceeded to bang me in the head with one of her two huge bags, talk loudly on the phone, and then spread her legs apart to max capacity to use them like a table as she placed her enormous bags on top of them.

As I continued to angle my body towards the aisle to create more space as I read the paper, she scraped up every inch I gave her. She must have thought this was a three-legged race at a picnic. This ride to work should have been videotaped by Walsh and submitted to the commissioner. The illegal contact during the game was greater than the total number of fouls in the classic Bulls Knicks playoff series.

There were so many neutral zone infractions and encroachments that I had lost count before my ride was even half over. Her medium size umbrella attached in the pocket of the smaller bag occasionally jabbed her neighbor across from her as she moved. Finally as she stood up and left the car, I felt as if I was free and could breathe easier. I mentioned this to the woman in the single seat who essentially said that woman was awful and that she felt cramped and crowded too.

No sooner did we conclude that this woman could hold her position no matter the pressure another woman burst onto the scene first using a Reggie White move to cast aside a gentleman hanging around the door and then gave a nice elbow hook to an elderly man that hasn't been seen clearly since Chris Webber at Michigan. She claimed her spot and held the line. I'm not sure if Mel Kiper has seen this piece of work in action, but I'm sure if he did that there'd be a green up arrow displaying her stock rising. She next demonstrated great combine skills as she touched her toes without bending at the knees. Unfortunately for yours truly, it was a full moon in the morning as I caught some not so sweet shoulder and chin music. When the single seat was vacated, she showed her determination and fended off two would be riders looking for a seat. Check this freelance seo london things.

The Redskins may not have a lot of high picks in this year’s draft, but maybe they should consider scouting the metro lines. Opening things up like Disney and Dick Vermeil in Invincible couldn't be that bad could it? The grit, determination, tenacity and a motor that just won't quit are all attributes coveted by most teams. Sure the times in the 40 may not be want you'd want to see, but there's something to be said for getting results.